Dorus Mhor

Dorus Mhor celebrates the beauty and artistry of fine fabrics through their application to accessories.


Inspired by a lifelong passion for ornate textiles and with a Fine Art degree in Sculpture, British designer Elizabeth Bloom hand crafts exquisite tactile gems using carefully selected fabrics. These include a medley of monochromatic jewel-toned silks and limited edition prints that tell a unique story. The latest collection, 'Fluorite', incorporates printed silks by Weston Scarves. These vibrant prints are created from high definition scans of rock minerals and crystals that capture stunning inflections of light and color.


Launched in London in 2011, Dorus Mhor’s early fans include Florence Welch. Now based in Chicago, our colorful collection showcases versatile pieces in timeless designs that nod to Art Deco.