Hanging around small and charming areas of London is my favourite thing to do. My bicycle and I are always ready to discover new territories. Little cafes and independent shops are my jam, I love it. You can usually find me my starring at the jewellery displays for hours, looking to discover new independent and hand-made brands. It was one of those days, cycling through Shoreditch in East London, I stopped by a cute little boutique and as I was browsing the jewellery shelf, I was thinking:

"Those pieces are amazing, I wish the whole store could be full of those creative hand-made pieces!"

That was it.

Antelope was born.

There are so many talented creators out there who see jewellery as an art, who make pieces which are different and unique. I wanted to create a special place to showcase those independent and emergent brands.

Brands that I have been loving for months, and that I wanted to share with you. I am very excited and happy for Antelope to finally be alive, and I really hope you will love it as much as I do.