Antelope Jewelry boutique hand made London

I'm so excited guys, the boutique Antelope is live again!

I was looking forward to that day so badly, and so you know patience is not my strongest quality!
8 months after the launching last year, I closed it down to fly away to Australia and since that day, I haven't stop thinking of the day I would press the button "online" again.
It's true what they say, it's when you loose something that you realise how much you cared and how much you loved it.

Ok, let me introduce you; 

Antelope is my Jewelry boutique, my baby boutique as I like to call it :)

It's only few months old after all, which is born after the idea of sharing the work of independents creators/designers I like and which is too often forgotten  and hidden behind huge retail companies.

Antelope showcases hand-made jewellery, accessories, skincare, etc... made with talent and much love.
It's a tiny boutique with a big heart, new pieces and creators will join along the way quite regularly, so don't hesitate to sign up to the newsletter to not miss anything :)
I leave you have a look at it, I hope you'll love it as much as I do!
Antelope Jewelry boutique hand made London

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